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Pet Barber Service

Cat and dogs need regular care to protect their skin, nail and feather health. For cat and dogs shaving, bathing, nail cutting and screening procedures must be done regularly. All kinds of pet hairdresser services are provided by our experienced animal hairdresser.

Machine shaving, scissors shaving, nail cutting, bathing and all kinds of original animal shaving are done in all veterinary clinics. Shaving machine, scissors tips, scissors etc. All animal shaving materials are cleaned under ultraviolet light and sterilized with special disinfectant spray after each shaver.

In our clinic, pet hairdressing service is provided in very hygienic conditions. Hair cut and bath are applied in sterile conditions. The machine is always in our shaving clinic and we bring out a special animal hairdresser from Airedale Terrier and from outside for shaving scissors In the hairdresser section, short-term anesthesia is given to your cat to provide shaving service.   If you want to get your cat and dogs hairdressing needs, you will have to search for veterinary clinics for quality and professional pet hairdresser services in a healthy and comfortable environment.

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